• Ultimate 909 Snares Sample Pack

The TR-909 is a legendary drum machine known the world over, especially in electronic music circles. Known for its sequencer and its punchy set of drum sounds it excelled during the birth of Techno music in both Detroit and Berlin. Producers quickly picked up on the distinctive bass drum and snare sound produced by the TR-909 and the likes of Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin made the 909 a consistent part of both their live and studio setups.

This sample pack from Minimal System Instruments concentrates purely on that distinctive and still relevant 909 snare sound. We have recorded 30 individual snare drum hits from our studio TR-909 and processed them through our high end outboard analogue signal chain to retain all of the clarity and characteristics of the original machine.

Features of the Ultimate 909 Snares Sample pack:

  • 30 individual TR-909 snare drum hits
  • All recorded through high end analogue outboard processors
  • A broad range of parameter settings on the TR-909 have resulted in a good range of snare sounds.
  • All samples are .wav files ready to drop straight into your software or hardware sampler or DAW.

CLICK HERE to download the demo sample pack


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Ultimate 909 Snares Sample Pack

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