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Ultimate Mastering Suite

Ultimate Mastering Suite
Developer: Minimal System Instruments
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The Ultimate Mastering Suite contains six fantastic mastering plugins from the Minimal System Group range including the Analogue Mixing and Mastering Collection, The Master Compressor, The Pro EQ, The Pro Gate Expander, and the Stereo Buss Compressor. If you master your own music and you are looking for the perfect plugin toolset to assist you in getting a fantastic quality sound then this package could be for you. (This bundle provides a £10.00 saving over purchasing these plugins individually).

Analogue Mixing and Mastering Collection

Minimal System Instruments is pleased to introduce the Analogue Mixing and Mastering Collection. Comprising of a comprehensive analogue modelled channel strip and 8 band EQ this collection contains two powerful tools that can be used on you channel and master busses to aid you with both mixing and mastering.


  • Two plugins included - Analogue Channel Strip and Analogue EQ.
  • Channel Strip comprises of an 8 band customisable EQ, Buss Compressor, Limiter, and Master section.
  • Analogue EQ is an 8 band customisable EQ with Master section.
  • EQ frequency range - 20hz to 20,000hz on each band.
  • Each EQ band has +/-40dB of gain.
  • Buss Compressor designed to 'Glue' track groups together. Can also be used effectively to 'Glue' the final mixdown.
  • Signal flow of the Analogue Channel is as follows: EQ > Compressor > Limiter.
  • Monitoring meters on both plugins showing input, output, and compression gain reduction.
  • Analogue channel is perfect for buss channels or the master channel and can be used effectively for both mixing and mastering.
  • Modelled on analogue hardware.
  • Professional GUI design.
  • Low CPU usage.

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Mastering Compressor

The Master Compressor is the latest analogue modelled processor from Minimal System Instruments. Inspired by classic hardware, with an easy to use interface and fantastic analogue sound the Master Compressor is unmissable.

  • Beautiful analogue modelled compressor.
  • Can be used on instrument tracks and the master buss.
  • Expert controls that allow you to really shape your sound.
  • Professional vintage analogue 'Lunch Box' GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage

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Pro EQ

The SSi Pro EQ is a high end analogue processor designed for the most demanding producers and mastering engineers. Modelled on gorgeous EQ's from the likes of SSL and Neve the SSi Pro EQ is now used in a large number of high end studios.


  • Analogue Modelled EQ Processor
  • High and Low Pass Filters
  • 29 Presets for all kinds of instruments and scenarios.
  • Professional GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.
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Pro Expander and Gate

The SSi Pro Expander and Gate is a high end analogue modelled processor designed for the most demanding producers and mastering engineers.

  • Analogue Modelled Channel Strip
  • Expander/Compressor and Gate Modules
  • High end sound engine.
  • Analogue Modelled Tube Gain.
  • 10 Presets to get you started.
  • Professional GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.
The expander section of the SSi Pro Gate and Expander increases the dynamic range of your signal rather than decreasing it as would a compressor. The threshold controls when your signal will trigger the increase, and the ratio controls how much the signal is increased upon crossing the threshold. Typically an expander is used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a recording, but it can also be used for special effects like making a bass line more percussive.
The gate module is a type of expander; the difference is that when your signal level reaches the threshold, the gate goes from "closed" (no signal passes through) to "open" (all of your signal passes through). This is a great way to control noise and hum and other noisy circumstances. This gate can also be used as an effect.

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Stereo Buss Compressor

This plugin is perfect for those producers looking to add the finishing touches to their latest masterpiece. Modelled on legendary buss compressors from classic analogue consoles the MSI Stereo Buss Compressor could be just what you need. Analogue Buss Compressors are the secret behind many classic releases. Often very simple units a buss compressors job is to 'glue' all the elements of a track together and make mixes sound bigger with more punch and character without loosing clarity.


  • Analogue Modelled Buss Compressor.
  • The MSI Stereo Buss Compressor can be used on the Master Buss and also on sub-groups (Drum Groups etc).
  • Great visual feedback.
  • Great sound.
  • Presets.
  • Professional GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.
Hints and Tips:
  • Try placing the MSI Stereo Buss Compressor over the main output early on in the mixing process using around 1-3dB of gain reduction.
  • Buss compressors are often used on signal that display a variation of frequencies and transients such as drum kits and backing vocals.
  • Try grouping all elements of you drums together into one group. Add the MSI Stereo Buss Compressor onto this group.
  • Holding down the 'Shift' key whilst operating a parameter allows fine adjustments to be made. Holding down 'CTRL' and clicking on a parameter reverts it to its default position. (These two operations work on all MSI plugins).

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System Requirements for the Ultimate Mastering Suite bundle

  • PC running a Windows operating system. VST compatible DAW or VST hosting software.
  • These plugins are 32bit but can be run on 64bit systems using jBridge.
  • These plugins also operate within the 64bit version of Reaper (using Reaper's inbuilt bridging).

It is recommended that you always try out the demo's before purchases to ensure that the plugin is compatible with your system.



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