• Wiard 300 Modular Synth Drums

Wiard 300 Series

Grant Richter, ledgendary in modular circules, founded the Wiard Synthesizer Company in 1999. Wiard are part of a new generation of analog modular synthesizers that have quietly come of age. Such instruments update the best of vintage designs by offering modern circuitry and the advantages of computer control through MIDI-to-voltage conversion.

As big fans of modular synthesis here at Minimal System we have decided to use our prized Wiard 300 Series synthesiser to create a small but perfectly formed drum sample pack. There is nothing better than a drum sample created using a highly complex analogue modular synthesiser. A sample crafted from individual modular elements such as oscillators, snappy envelopes, and pure analogue filters always has a certain special character.

In the studio we recorded 37 individual drum sounds from the Wiard Synthesiser using the best analogue outboard gear to capture the sound as it was intended. Each sample was patched from scratch to ensure variety and variation. 

Wiard 300 Modules used to produce this sample pack are as follows

  • 321 Sequantizer
  • 331 Dual Envelator
  • 341 Classic VCO x2
  • 342 Waveform City
  • 352 Borg Filters
  • 361 Dual Mixolator
  • 371 Woggle Bug
  • 351 Omni Filter

CLICK HERE to download the demo pack


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Wiard 300 Modular Synth Drums

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