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Analogue Filters Volume 1

Analogue Filters Volume 1
Developer: Minimal System Instruments
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Boost your Ableton toolset with the fantastic Analogue Filters Rack Pack. This pack consists of ten audio effect racks based on real boutique hardware filters from the Minimal System studio. If you are looking for the sound of true analogue filtering from directly within Ableton Live then this pack is for you.

The included racks add creative filtering tools to your Ableton Live Audio Effect Racks library. There are no simple low/hi/band pass filters contained within this pack, just creative filters full of analogue character.

Contained in the pack are the following filter racks:

  • Analogue Echo Filter
  • Analogue Glitch Filter
  • Analogue Grain Filter
  • Analogue Liquid Filter
  • Analogue Low Pass Filter
  • Analogue Oracle Filter
  • Analogue Repeater Filter
  • Lo-Fi Filter Bank
  • Pitch Filter Bank
  • Worn Analogue Filter

System Requirements

This pack requires a PC or Mac running Ableton Live. The product has been tested on versions 8 and 9 without issue. Please download the demo rack to make sure it works correctly on your system.

Click HERE to download the demo rack.


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