• Analogue Producer Toolkit

The 'Analogue Producer Toolkit' pack is a toolkit produced by Minimal System for Ableton Live. The pack contains 68 Instruments, presets, and racks designed to add analogue character to you mixes. Many racks are modelled on actual hardware such as the 1176 and LA2A Compressors or the Bettermaker EQ 230P and Blue 1073 EQ's.

What we have aimed to do with this pack is create everything you need to have a self contained analogue modelled mixing and mastering studio within Ableton Live (although we have added some goodies such as the TB303 Instrument and some nice presets for Operator!).

Contained in the pack are the following devices and racks:

Audio Effect Racks

  • 1 Knob Drum Compressor
  • 3 Band EQ with Pre and Post Visualisation
  • 8 Band EQ with Pre and Post Visualisation
  • 1176 Compressor
  • Analogue Signal Manipulator
  • Analogue Your Drums
  • Bettermaker EQ 230P
  • Blue 1073 EQ
  • DJ EQ
  • Electronic Mastering Strip
  • JDK V14 4 Band
  • LA2A Compressor/Limiter
  • Level and Pan
  • Liquify
  • Liquify Pro
  • Transistor Channel Stip


  • TB303

Operator Presets

  • Aliens
  • Analogue Drone
  • Computer Love
  • Digital Age
  • Talking Computer

Auto Filter

  • Break it Down
  • Bumpy Road
  • Glitch Filter


  • Abbey Road Compressor


  • Metallic Drums

Dynamic Tube

  • 70's Tube System
  • Twin Tube

EQ Eight

  • 50Hz Hum Remover
  • 60Hz Hum Remover
  • Bass Drum
  • Bass Drum 2
  • Bass Drum 3
  • Bassic
  • Drum Buss EQ
  • Drum Buss EQ 2
  • Drum Buss EQ 3
  • Drum Buss EQ 4
  • Drum Buss EQ 5
  • Drum Buss EQ 6
  • Everything Except Drums and Bass
  • Female Vocal
  • Hi Hat Boost
  • Hi Hat Low Cut
  • High Boost
  • High Cut
  • High Shelf
  • Inaudible Freq Cut (50Hz) with Air
  • Inaudible Freq Cut (50Hz)
  • Low Boost
  • Low Shelf
  • Male Vocal
  • Mastering EQ
  • Nice Mastering EQ
  • Program EQ
  • Slap Bass
  • Snare Drum
  • Tom Toner
  • Top and Tail
  • Vocal EQ
  • Warm Bass


  • Analogue Signal Chain

Filter Delay

  • Add Some Body


  • Mastering Limiter


  • 8-Bit
  • Akai Sampler

System Requirements

This pack requires a PC or Mac running Ableton Live. The product has been tested on versions 8 and 9 without issue. Please download the demo rack to make sure it works correctly on your system.

Click HERE to download the demo rack.

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Analogue Producer Toolkit

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