How to Download Your Purchased Plugins From Minimal System Instruments Plugins

Once you have checked out and process the payment PayPal will redirect you to a page that explains how to download your products. If for any reason this page does not appear you should login to you Minimal System Instruments store account, then click on 'My Account' in the top right of the screen. This will take you to your account profile. Now simply click on 'Downloads' and you will be able to see the download links to all of your purchased products. If you have any problems with downloading please contact us and we will assist.

Installation of Minimal System Instruments Plugins

To install Minimal System Instruments plugins simply extract the contents of the downloaded .rar file into your VST directory (No installers are used). You must ensure the full contents of the zip or rar are extracted, maintaining any folder structure. Uninstalling is done by simply deleting the files and folder created in your plugin directory. No files are written to the registry. If you have any problems with installation please contact us and we will assist.