Our plugins are for Windows based VST hosting systems only. Our plugins are intensively beta tested before release using a large selection of hosts (DAW's).

Purchasing Minimal System Instruments Plugins

All plugin purchases are handled via PayPal. Credit cards, debit cards and e-cheques are also accepted through the PayPal system, so you can still pay even without a PayPal account. Once your payment has been processed successfully, you will receive an e-mail containing the plugin as an attachment or an email containing a download link. Our emails are sent out manually so please allow time for delivery, also please check your spam filters. E-Cheque payments can take 5-7 days to clear. Once the payment has cleared you will receive the purchased product.

Demo Versions of our Products

We provide demo versions of all of our commercial products. We strongly recommend downloading the demos before purchase so you can test that the plugins are compatible with your VST host and system. The demo versions are usually restricted with noise bursts or limited features.

Unfortunately Minimal System Instruments can not refund any electronic purchases so please make sure products are compatible with your system. 

Commercial Usage

You may use Minimal System Instruments plugins in commercial music releases without restriction. There is no financial or non-financial requirement.

FL Studio

There is a compatibility issue with some Minimal System Instruments plugins and the first release of FL Studio 8 (8.0). This was due to a bug in the FL wrapper and Image line released a fix patch, which was later incorporated into the full release (8.0.2). This problem does not occur in FL Studio 9. Please make sure you have the latest release version of FL Studio to ensure compatibility